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If you’re looking to get a Roadworthy Check (RWC) performed near Enoggera, come see the expert team at Midas Enoggera today.

We are experts in the tyre, wheel and mechanical industries and can perform a thorough bumper to bumper inspection whether you’re selling or buying a vehicle, or transferring a vehicle from interstate.

A roadworthy check ensures your vehicle meets regulations, and that it is safe for use on public roads.

There are many checks included in a comprehensive Roadworthy Check, but these are the most common reasons for failure:

  • Lights - ensure all bulbs are functioning properly and that lenses aren’t cracked
  • Suspension - Look for worn and damaged components
  • Brakes - Worn or damaged components, as well as clean brake fluid
  • Windscreens - Small chips can be repaired, while cracks are cause for a failed RWC
  • Tyres - One of the most important safety features on your car is a good set of tyres. Worn tyres will cause your vehicle to fail.

Book your vehicle in today and have a chat to our expert staff about your vehicle. We can work with you to help your vehicle pass a RWC.

A successful roadworthy check result is valid for a period of 30 days, so make sure to book one in.

Book in today for a Roadworthy Check with our contact form or call us on (07) 3855 9733.